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“Rise Fall Repeat” suite of 6 prints

“Rise Fall Repeat” suite of 6 prints

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ALL SIX PRINTS composing the risograph version of the epic double triptych “Rise Fall Repeat”

4 color prints (a risograph is akin to an automated screenprint), paper size 11”x17” image size 10”x16”, signed and numbered edition of 50.

Currently available only as the set of 6 prints

These prints are made from the original sketches submitted for this site specific installation in Pittsburgh’s strip district.

The six images represent a chronology of habitation: from early humans, to larger settlements, through the industrial revolution, into a bladerunner-esque maze of modernity, through a period of decline, and into an optimistic future of responsible living together on planet earth.

Check out longer descriptions @paulrodenstudio on Instagram and please feel free to shoot me any questions or comments.

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