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Enormous woodcut of Prague (38”x96”) Finished on September 22, 2018 to be printed with @biginkprints @airpgh in Pittsburgh.  Follow on Instagram for the most recent updates!

The scene is the classical cityscape of Prague, an addition to the great collection of portraits of “Golden Prague”/“Zlata Praha”

The story of Rudy and Eva, Czechs who left the country after surviving the worst of World War II in concentration camps throughout Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, inspired the origins of this piece, an ode to their family’s ancestral home. They are heroes whose story of unlikely survival is rooted in the enormous love they feel for each other.

As our own world descends into anxiety and uncertainty, I felt it was time to tell this tale and maybe find relevant lessons we can still learn from it.  The Czech national anthem is “Where is My Home”—knowing that so many people today cannot answer this question is a real motivator to make something memorable, relevant, and worthwhile.

Courtesy of Big Ink Prints, I have 3 copies printed directly from the handcarved block available for sale.  I am asking 2400 dollars each for these prints, which measure 42”x100” paper size/38”x96” block/image size. I will label them something like “First Printing” in the lower left corner.  Time and space permitting, I think a good way to display these enormous images is wheatpasted to panel (for a nominal charge), eliminating the need for framing, glass, etc.  This would also facilitate hand coloring, which would be very nice.

As always, I love talking to interested people about the work I’m doing, but am especially asking for your feedback on this print. I am also happy to go into great detail about the content of the image.